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ODF News in English 2012

DW.de - Europe - 15.12.2012


Nationalism - Stoking anti-German sentiment in Poland
Polish opposition leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski is playing with the primal fears and cultural resentment of his countrymen toward Germans and Russians for his own political gain - and not without success. -
It was just another one of the countless events organized by Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of the nationalist-conservative opposition Law and Justice Party (PiS). For weeks, Kaczynski has been touring the countryside. This time, he was in Opole, in Silesia, in southwestern Poland.
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DW.de - Culture - 27.09.2012


HISTORY: Remembering Europe's touchy issue of expulsion
Over centuries, millions of Europeans have been expelled for ethnic and political reasons, including Germans after World War II. A plan is finally on the table that might just honor the victims - and not Nazi crimes. -
The idea for a documentation center where the fate of displaced people is told first came up 13 years ago. It was the end of the 1990s when Erika Steinbach, a conservative politician and president of the League of Expellees -
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Politics.hu - October 1st, 2012


Leader of ethnic Hungarians in Slovakia urges action against Beneš decrees
ilure to revoke the part of the Benes decrees, which impose collective guilt to ethnic Hungarians and Germans in Slovakia is a disgrace to Europe, Jozsef Berenyi, leader of the Party of the Hungarian Community (MKP), told a Budapest conference on Saturday.  -   Berenyi welcomed the fact that the issue of invalidating these “gravely amoral, discriminative rules of law” had been raised in European Parliament’s Petitions Committee. This is all the more important as Slovakia and Hungary would never be able to resolve the issue through bilateral negotiations, he said.
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