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Hermann Sudermann

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The indigenous Prussians

T O L K E M I T A   e. V.

C/o Reinhard G. Grunenberg, Sybelstr.44, D-110629 Berlin, Germany
Tel/Fax: 30 / 3101 6599
e-mail: grunenberg_prusa@yahoo.de

The Tolkemita is the representation of the native Prussians in Germany. Collecting and caring for the cultural heritage and searching the historical facts form the main goals of this group after all Prussians have been expelled from their homeland after 1945. Prussian sites and collections are out of reach by their creators as the new governments do not allow a return of the people or an access to the archives. Moreover, Germany which has caused this situation rather supports the occupying countries. A small house in Dieburg /Hessia which has been donated by Rutele and Gerd Kauffmann originating from Tolkemit am Frischen Haff, preserves a modest collection of Prussian related literature. It is available for research on request.

The Tolkemita is an independent association trying to cope with a variety of tasks and needs contributing members. Interesting themes from history, folklore, literature, language and religion are offered. Subscriptions of periodical news can be ordered at Euro 15,-- p.a. (2004), special editions published as „TOLKEMITA -Texte“ according to volume.

Prussians and friends wanting to participate actively in meetings and elections of the Prussian representatives may choose to become member at Euro 30,--.

Acct 9 314 568/01 Grunenberg w. TOLKEMITA Dresdner Bank Frankfurt / M., BLZ 500 800 00

TOLKEMITA – Foundation, Dieburg

Friends who like to support the work of the Prussian people financially are invited to make donations to the Tolkemita foundation which are deductible according to German tax regulations:

Stiftung TOLKEMITA , Acct. 970 049, Dresdner Bank Frankfurt/M, Bankleitzahl 500 800 00

PRUSA-Gruppe Deutschland
C/o Reinhard G. Grunenberg, Sybelstr.44 , D-10629 Berlin

This group handles contacts to the present people living in Prussia and informs about the development there. It pursues possibilities to obtain cultural backing by authorities and international organisations.


Historical data Tolkemita e.V.

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